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The history

Our story begins like many other stories. With two brave protagonists who take one of the most difficult decisions of their life, they set out to cross the Atlantic. Noe and Esperanza, of Orensean origin, became a response book and developed in their own adventure towards the unknown, with a goal in the future: a better future for their children. They arrived in Brazil in 1940, where they came into contact with the world of shoemaking and cutlery thanks to a small workshop of repairs and sharpening.

They dedicated to return to Spain and April of 1969 opened the first store of Las Burgas. In this year the store opens on the avenue Finisterre, open to the public from then until today. At its birth, Las Burgas was a shop selling and repairing shoes and knives, following the model of a restoration workshop in which Noe and Esperanza have worked in Brazil. In order to offer its customers good quality products, he went through some of the main points of Spain to offer a good selection of brands of shoes and knives for his customers in his shop.

The second generation of arrangements with changes in the incorporation of products and services. Since 1981, Antonio González has taken over the family business and decided to leave the shoe store behind, and to bet 100% on the specialization in the world of cutlery. With the aim of reinforcing this specialization, services such as sharpening and maintenance in the service portfolio of Las Burgas are presented.

Since 2016, we also offer our products and services in the field online to offer our products not only in Coruña, but also in the rest of the world, with shipments to Spain and also to Europe.

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