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Knife Victorinox MiniChamp.

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It is a small knife with big ambitions. With no less than 16 functions (which include a flashlight light bright LED) placed inside a thin profile that you can easily store in your pocket, the pocket knife MiniChamp is the champion among all the blades small. Take it with you throughout the day and you will not notice that you have it. That is until the duty calls; then the MiniChamp is at your service. Pull it out and conquer the day.


  1. LED.
  2. Pressurized ballpoint pen.
  3. Keychain.
  4. Little leaf.
  5. Masonic swords.
  6. Peeler of oranges.
  7. Scraper.
  8. Cuticle remover.
  9. Uncovered.
  10. Wire stripper.
  11. Phillips screwdriver 0 / 1 magnetic.
  12. Nail file.
  13. Limpiauñas.
  14. Screwdriver, 2 mm
  15. Ruler (inches).
  16. Ruler (cm).
  17. Scissors.