Knife Kudu Crush (edit limited)


Knife Kudu Grind (limited edition).

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Manufacturas Muela maker of knives and blades handmade presents, within the family of KNIVES OF LUXURY, the knife of luxury KUDU.

Since Manufacturas Muela will show the prototype of their new knife Kudu in the international fairs more important (Shot Show las Vegas and the IWA in Nuremberg), the interest shown by many fans and collectors of many countries proved spectacular. In fact, before the conclusion of those contests –and without which the production would have begun– already firmed up orders from the dealers of Grinding wheel.

The kudu is a knife very special: a part with him begins a saga of the parts of the collection to which Grinding has been called the "African Safari Series", because all the knives that will be dedicated to hunting species of the Black Continent. But it also stands out for the numerous and important features in it have been applied in order to distinguish it, as you can be:

- Sheet one-piece of Swedish steel Sandvik 14C28N, with the input of nitrogen. At the global forefront of the steels employed in cutlery for their extraordinary features.

- Grips made in wood of granadillo, with a density higher than that of ebony, and secured by pins of a mosaic.

- Circlets of asteropeia of Madagascar, a wood considered precious and of great beauty. Of course the grips and ferrules, along with their corresponding spacers, are adjusted by hand in each knife, bringing with it the enviable touch of the craftsman that has made it world-famous to Grind.

In both of these grips have been carved by a laser beam two reasons that customize the kudu. In one of them, the allegory of this impressive antelope, and in the other the map of the African Continent decorated by stripes of the skin of zebra, which will be the emblem of the African Safari Series by the Spanish manufacturer.

For its part, the sheet also has received a number of distinctive details granados laser on its two sides, even including the image of the tracks of the kudu, and also, what is very important, the number of each knife in the series, since they produce only 1,000 copies of each model.

The Kudu is supplemented with a specific case made of leather of the best quality, which in turn makes it very special when you include a piece of genuine skin of african antelope, achieving an effect that's truly different and attractive.

Finally, and as it deserves a knife of these exceptional features, each kudu is delivered in a luxurious case made expressly for this edition, and accompanied by a booklet also very special shows, and comments on processes of gestation and production of the knife and the “Certificate” which confirms its authenticity and serial number.


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Knife Kudu Crush (edit limited)

Knife Kudu Crush (edit limited)

Knife Kudu Grind (limited edition).

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