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The shades of the sea and the blue are the dominant colors that characterize the new collection “Navy Camouflage” Victorinox: The maritime theme features three popular models from small to large, and its launch will be made with style.

These are the daily companions of the sailors, in the typical colors of the sea. Designed for the lifestyle of sailing, the three models, Classic, Huntsman, and Skipper, presents a subtle look that perfectly fits in this world. Whether you're sailing on a yacht or working on a oil tanker, it is difficult to put into words the usefulness of these three practical fellow.

And the camouflage (to use the military term) is also an important issue when it comes to the navy. Victorinox takes up this topic and clearly mastered the art of camouflage on land, air, and now also in the sea. This means that the shades of grey and blue and functional pocket tools of these models combine perfectly with the shapes and colors typical of the sea. Fans of the camouflage and the military, and professional users in circles the marina, now have a good reason to celebrate.

The small Classic, the multitalentosa Huntsman and the sturdy Skipper, three of the most popular models of Victorinox, are available in camouflage, navy and are ready for nautical adventures, undercover, or simply ready to navigate with style on the seven seas. The Classic is particularly compact, with a blade, scissors, nail file, and more, which makes it a practical assistant for many of the small daily tasks of life. The reliable Huntsman deploys comprehensive functionality (includes, among other features, two blades, a handsaw for wood and a can opener), and is ready to help you safely navigate the seven seas and then return to your home. And with the Skipper of his side, with his strong large sheet of paper with the edge serrated one hand opener shackle with pulls hooks with tensador sailing and other tools combined in a package especially resistant, it has everything you ever wanted to meet any challenge náutico complex.

Now if you want (or need) to camouflage to navigate the oceans of the world, or if it is just a fan of the pocket tools that are innovative and functional, it will always be in the right place and at the right time with these three pocket knives Victorinox in the design of the new camouflage marine.

  1. small blade
  2. scissors
  3. nail file
  4. screwdriver 2.5 mm
  1. ring
  2. toothpick
  3. tweezers.