Knife Tamahagane Tsubame Santoku. Blade: 17,5 cm



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Knife Tamahagane Tsubame Santoku 17.5 cm Expand

Knife Tamahagane Tsubame Santoku. Blade: 17,5 cm

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Blade Tamahagane Tsubame:

Sheet made of 3 layers with a core (cut) steel VG05, outer layers steel SUS410. The core (VG05) has a hardness of 61 in HRC, the outer layers confer hardness extra to the sheet and protect the court from possible damage and against oxidation. Leaves stainless.

Tamahagane has selected the steel VG05 as it can be hardened as hard as any of the other steels VG, at the same time that has a duration / retention-edged top. The outer layers of steel SUS410 facilitate the sharpening.

This system of layer manufacturing offers a knife more sharp and longer lasting cutting edge than knife blades made of a single piece.

The blade is finished with a hammered known in Japan as Tsuchime, this finish acts as a series of hollow cavities which reduces the resistance and improves the sliding of the knives when cutting.

Handle Tamahagane Tsubame:

Mango wood Mikarta black with spike until the end of the handle. The configuration of the handle makes that the dowel is not visible on the handle, only to be seen in the back of the handle. Mango ergónomico and with a polished finish.

The knives Tamahagane are well-balanced and with a good balance, comfortable in the hand allow you to work comfortably and with less fatigue.