Sharpening steel to sharpen with water, grit 1200

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Steel Craft of Natural Stone for Sharpening 600/29-1, grain 1200, fine-Tune, with soul of a stainless steel rod of 8 mm of thickness, which strengthens the natural stone to ensure that it is a tool safe, reliable, and effective. The handle of the sharpening steel, with defense to protect the hand, is made of pressed wood and is durable to use.

The grain of 1200, to refine, is designed to retrieve the channel drain at the same time leaving an edge with a bit of grip, perfect for most uses in the kitchen and dining.

The use of tools, sharpening on natural stones to the water, we will extend indefinitely the life of the cutting tools as the grinding process does not perform abrupt changes of temperature that alter the original properties of the steel along the edge, for its heat treatment during your fábricación.

The inner soul of stainless steel, invention and patent of A Pedra Das Meigas, prolongs greatly the life of the product.

This model in stone of a grain 1200 is complemented perfectly with the Steel of Natural Stone grit 6000 (estimated). Between the two chairas be recovered knives with cutting edge lost to get re-cut.

It is the ideal tool for a sharp, quick as to be circular, just tap the edge on a point. For the same reason it is also the sharpener is suitable for knives and cutting parts with cutting edges curved and afalcatados.

The kit of the sharpening Steel made of Natural Stone grain 1200 to seat includes a handy cloth bag for their conservation.