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Sharpening stone Tamahagane-based grain 2000


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Japanese stone with base grit 2000. This grain is a grain really multifunctional, some rate him as the last grain for sharpening and others consider him one of the first grains of the settled. To be found among the 1000 grain (surely the most used for sharpening) and the grain 3000 (the beginning of the settled/polished) makes according to the user is used more for the sharp or more for the seated.

In our opinion it would be a grain closest to the sharp but of a fine grain, to not be as abrasive as the grit 1000 sharpening is slower, but at the same time, it offers a lower wear of the blade. What we would recommend for users who like to have the knives always to the point and don't get lazy to sharpen, so do not expect that the knife has lost the edge.

The stones japanese are highly valued for their ceramic structure that makes the small particles are constantly renewing in the grinding process, allowing the new particle to go to work on the blade of a knife.

Never use with oil.

Stone grain 2000 with base.

Measures: 181 x 61 x 20.


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Sharpening stone Tamahagane-based grain 2000

Sharpening stone Tamahagane-based grain 2000

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